A New Posture for Life Is Needed for New Thinking, New Feeling by Roxanne Caswell

This morning as I finished doing a Self-Breema, I experienced a new energy in my body, clarity in my mind, and calmness in my feelings—a sense of, “I am here in This Moment.”

As my usual and habitual attitudes slipped into the background, willingness, gratitude, and love of life flowed into me. The confidence that I receive in this new dimension of myself always gives me insight into a meaningful and purposeful direction for my life.

Self-Breema is one way of preparing myself to be in life, to build a foundation that doesn’t shake in the face of the daily challenges that so easily fill me up with worry and anxiety, and keep me under the pressure of time. Fulfilling the big To Do List in my mind keeps me floating on the surface of my life, obscuring my connection to meaning—which I rediscover when I have a taste of being present. Self-Breema acquaints me with what it means to have a balanced posture toward life, and the possibility to respond rather than react to events that arise. It turns me again toward the discovery of meaning that is our birthright.

Whether I’m a new or experienced student, the practice of Self-Breema in a room full of others who have a common and essential wish for their lives creates a profound and unifying atmosphere, in which each of us receive that which is uniquely needed and given in This Moment.

With gratitude—and to support this inner direction—I’m currently offering Self-Breema Pop Up classes in the East Bay Parks, along with my colleague Arlie Mischeaux. No prior experience necessary, drop-in, no charge. Please join us!

Roxanne Caswell is a staff Instructor at the Breema Center who teaches in the US and internationally. Visit www.breema.com for more information or to participate in classes or events happening near you. 

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