EXPERIENCE BREEMA at AHNA with Arlie and Susan


Come and visit us at Booth #17 and receive a Breema Bodywork Session. Profoundly relaxing and revitalizing, Breema bodywork harmonizes the body, mind, and feelings for the “taste” of being present. Done fully clothed on a padded floor.

Also experience Self-Breema by attending our early morning activity at the conference:

Self-Breema—Movement Exercises for Being Present

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
Convention Center
Room TBA

Self-Breema exercises are both nurturing and energizing. They can have a profound effect on our physical, mental, and emotional health and vitality. The natural movements of Self-Breema can connect us to our instinctive wisdom and increase our ability to respond to the people and circumstances in our life with presence.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing and socks. Exercises include standing, sitting, kneeling, and lying postures and can be modified for comfort.


Thank you for your interest in discovering a new dimension of health, and in creating a truly beneficial, mutually supportive, nurturing atmosphere for your clients and yourself. You’ll find a wealth of information on this page about the practice of Breema, a few videos with practitioners who are using Breema in their professions of nursing and massage, information on Self-Breema exercise and the Nine Principles of Harmony, a list of upcoming Breema events you may be interested in attending, and several articles that express  how to care for ourselves while being available to care for the ones we serve. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us…


Arlie Mischeaux, BA, CMT



Arlie has been a certified Instructor and Practitioner of Breema for over 25 years. She has taught Breema at renowned holistic facilities in the US and teaches nationally and internationally. Some of her favorite teaching travel engagements have been in Mexico, Canada & Spain. She also serves as a staff Instructor at the Breema Center and is a Senior Practitioner at the Breema Clinic in Oakland, California

“For me, I wish for myself and to support others to be more grounded, balanced and openhearted. From the practice of Breema (by working with the 9 Principles of Harmony, giving and receiving the bodywork and doing Self-Breema exercises) it is possible to create more openness physically, mentally and emotionally —which is the perfect preparation and useful direction for living a more conscious life. Breema recognizes that we have two aspects, our essential/permanent aspect and our relative/temporary aspect, and I am so grateful that Breema works with both! In turn, by nurturing these aspects, its possible to find meaning and purpose in our life. As you discover or uncover this for yourself, ​​​doors open to new ways of thinking, moving, feeling and experiencing life and all relationships.”–Arlie

Susan Mankowski, BFA, CMT


Susan has been in active practice with somatic arts for nearly 40 years. Her studies of body-mind connection have led her from dance, to massage and bodywork, and finally to the holistic system of Breema. In her profession she has brought Breema into integrative health clinics with medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and mental health practitioners since 1996. She is currently on the staff of the Breema Center in Oakland, CA as a certified Instructor involved in outreach in the United States. This is her 3rd year bringing the Art of Being Present to the AHNA conferences. She enjoys the personal contact of offering individual sessions to participants and sharing the nurturing Self-Breema exercises with them. As a caregiver herself, she has personally experienced the mutual support that this practice has to offer.

“As a practitioner, the Breema practice has helped me to support my clients to have a new relationship with  symptoms and conditions through the emphasis placed on inherent vitality, and acceptance of wherever they are at any given moment. This inclusive and life-enhancing experience allows them to become present, to move through difficulties, and to enter into a new relationship with themselves and life directly.”—Susan


Being Right Now Everywhere Every Moment Myself Actually

Breema, a dynamic contemplative movement practice, potentiates body-mind connection as a catalyst for self-care and transformation in relationship. Its commonsense wisdom guides us to support the body’s instinctive healing energy, nurturing what is vital instead of focusing on symptoms of illness or imbalance.

Breema uses nurturing touch, tension-relieving stretches, and natural movements based on nine universal Principles of Harmony to foster physical, mental, and emotional balance and availability. Issues including fatigue, stress, self-criticism and burnout are mitigated, while empathy, acceptance, nonjudgment, and an atmosphere of aliveness are nurtured.

Here are a few resources for further inquiry to the benefits of Breema:

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Visit breema.com to find a class or workshop happening around you.

Experience Breema at a Breema Intensive!

Bühl Intensive in Germany
May 28–June 1, 2019
For more info visit breema.info/buehl
or 510-428-0937 or center@breema.com

Breema Intensive at the Breema Center in Oakland, CA
July 13–19, 2019
For more info visit breema.info/summer
or 510-428-0937 or center@breema.com

Graz Intensive in Austria
August 27–31, 2019
For more info visit breema.info/graz
or 510-428-0937 or center@breema.com

Breema Intensive at the Breema Center in Oakland, CA
October 19–26, 2019
For more info visit breema.info/fall
or 510-428-0937 or center@breema.com

Barcelona Intensive in Spain
November 1–5, 2019
For more info visit breema.info/barcelona
or 510-428-0937 or center@breema.com