List of Articles

Einfach nur Sein by Cornelia Weiss

Coming Home to Yourself by Elaine Pendergrast

Nurturing Harmony: How Breema Supports Nurses by Elaine Pendergrast

Bewusstsein fließt Moment für Moment von Cornelia Weiß

Bringing Harmony into Daily Life by Luna Lacey and Elaine Pendergrast

Breema: Real Health Means Harmony with Existence by Laura Rawson

The Practice of Being Present by Luna Lacey

Including the Body in Psychotherapy Practice by Angela Porter

Breema: Parenting with the Nine Principles of Harmony by Alexandra Johnson

Breema-Körperarbeit Achtsamkeit und Präsenz in der Berührung by Pari Schneider & Klaus Pfeiffer

Breema, un camino para la autocomprension a través de Estar Presente por Salena Irion y Felipe de Oliveira

Mutual Support: Cultivating a Relationship With Others by Relating to Yourself by Birthe Kaarsholm

How Breema Changed My Life by Ana Wilkinson

Emphasis Is on the Practitioner: The Art of Being Present by Angela Porter

Take Time to Nurture and Renew Yourself by Elaine Pendergrast