Being Available to Life by Angela Porter

Because of studying Breema, there is something in me that knows the taste of body, and also recognizes the difference between that taste and when I’m caught in my thoughts. It’s not about becoming better or becoming anything; it’s about being, in this moment. Not Angela being, just being, just that, and Angela is included. If it’s about being anything, it’s about being available to life.

When I connect to this body, I am more available to life. It sounds simple, yet when I have this taste, there is absolutely nothing else I want. I know that this being, this aliveness, this unity, is what I want and what I have, in some way, been looking for my whole life.


Angela Porter, MFT, is an international instructor at the Breema Center. She has a private holistic behavioral therapy practice at Greeting Health in Oakland, California.

Angela is teaching an ongoing Self-Breema online class “All Doors are Open to the Open Heart” every Sunday 11-11:45am PDT. To participate or find out more information about this dynamic offering, visit

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