Breema Workshops Around the World

Find out what it’s like to study Breema! Told in images from classes all over the world.

A Breema class starts with a body centered meditation and Self Breema exercises. Self Breema exercises invite body, mind, and feelings to come together in a common activity. The harmony that’s possible that experience invites physical flexibility, emotional balance, and mental clarity. The impression you receive during one simple activity where body, mind, and feelings are in unity can give you moments of peace and tranquility throughout your busy day. Doing Self Breema in a class provides the unique opportunity to learn and practice in a supportive atmosphere of no judgment and mutual support.

Next, a Breema instructor will demonstate a bodywork sequence that can be done with a partner. Breema bodywork offers us ideal conditions in which we can take step after step toward becoming present by actualizing the principles inherent in the movements and sequences.

The cornerstone principle of Breema is No Judgment. Rather than focusing on the recipient, the emphasis is always on the experience of your own body. This nonjudgmental approach includes the practitioner as well as the recipient, as both are supported to benefit from an atmosphere of acceptance. This principle says: “Don’t try to fix anything. Don’t fight sickness—increase vitality!” There is no need to impress others, and consequently no need for worry, anxiety, or criticism. When you practice Breema bodywork, your body is manifesting. You are working with the recipient’s body, but that’s not what it’s all about. During the session, acceptance slowly comes in. At some point, you let go of the concept of practitioner and recipient, and then there’s an atmosphere of life giving to life.

Self-Breema exercises, Breema bodywork, and the Nine Principles of Harmony combine to fulfill an essential purpose for introducing people to the art of being present and the transformational teaching of unity which we call Breema— By taking a Breema class, you are on your way to discovering a new and magical relationship to life.

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