List of Breema in Daily Life Posts

Discovering the Natural Rhythm of the Body by Jon Schreiber

Deepening the Connection to the Body by Susan Mankowski

Life Touching Life by Rolinda Schonwald

Connection and Simplicity with Self-Breema by Elisa Matesanz

Real Connection Starts with Me by Alexis Mulhauser

Reflections on Self-Breema by And Gibb

A New Perspective of Connection and Well-Wishing by Luna Lacey

How Breema Has Affected My Life by Orna Elad

The Whole of Existence Is in Constant Motion by Karen Burt-Imira

The Benefits of Studying Breema in Daily Life by Ashik Staud

Breema as a Support for Presence in Everyday Life by Denise Berezonsky

Reconnecting with Yourself by Alexandra Johnson

Everything Serves a Purpose by Alexandra Johnson

When Your Hand Touches, You Are Being Touched by Birthe Kaarsholm

Being Available to Life by Angela Porter

Healing by Increasing Vitality by Arlie Mischeaux (available in Spanish)

New Environment—Same Atmosphere by Luna Lacey

Self-Breema in Daily Life by Alexandra Johnson

Where Is Home by Birthe Kaarsholm (available in Spanish)

Be Where You Are by Mary Cuneo (available in Spanish)

Off the Mat and Into the Marketplace by Susan Mankowski  (available in Spanish)

Entering Into Health by Alexandra Johnson

I Want to Be More Present in My Life by Eileen Sendrey

Relating to Life in This Moment by Steve Brodsky (available in Spanish)

Body-Mind Connection Anchors You by Alexandra Johnson

Supporting Harmony in Relationships by Alexandra Johnson

Breema: The Dance of Existence by Susan Mankowski

A Practical Approach to Advice in Parenting by Alexandra Johnson

Using Breema in My Professional Practice by Susan Mankowski

A New Posture in Life is Needed for New Thinking, New Feeling by Roxanne Caswell

Moving from Complication to Simplicity by Elaine Pendergrast

Experiencing Body Comfortable in the Moment by Alexandra Johnson

Bringing Health Into Perspective by Alexandra Johnson

Real Help Comes From Being Present by Luna Lacey

Benefitting from Daily Distractions by Alexandra Johnson

Being Busy and Being Present by Luna Lacey

Approaching Life as a Beginner by Alexandra Johnson

Navigate Stress to Get to Success—Using Body-Mind Connection to Support Creative Energy by Luna Lacey

Self-Care in Parenting by Alexandra Johnson

Being Available to Respond in Relationships by Luna Lacey

Mutual Support in Childbirth by Alexandra Johnson

True Health Is Harmony with Existence by Alexandra Johnson