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ACA Conference New Orleans 2019

Expressive Therapies Summit-LA 2019

Support to be present, calm, and available at home, work, or anywhere.

Practicing Self-Breema exercises, receiving Breema bodywork, or bringing the Nine Priniciples of Harmony to your activities can cut through stress, tension, and fatigue, and supply you with fresh energy. You find yourself saying “yes” and participating more wholeheartedly in your work.

The Breema Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has been helping students actualize Breema’s practical approach to Self-understanding and purposeful living since 1980. People all over the world are discovering how Breema can help them bring greater harmony, presence, and meaning to their lives.

Our students benefit from a way of teaching that emphasizes both practical experience and the integration of Breema principles into daily life. In addition to training students who wish to receive a Practitioner Certificate, an important objective of the Breema Center is to serve those students whose goal is personal enrichment rather than career enhancement.

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Classes or workshops can be arranged in a region with at least 10 participates attending a full day class. For businesses or organizations with an interest in supporting employees health and wellbeing, a presentation, class, and mini-sessions can be arranged with a minimum of 10 employees participating. For more information,  contact the Breema Center at (510) 428-0937 or email

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