Breema: the Art of Being Present

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Thank you for your interest in discovering a new dimension of health, and in creating a truly beneficial, mutually supportive, counseling atmosphere for your clients and yourself. You’ll find a wealth of information on this page about the practice of Breema, a few videos with therapists who are using Breema in their practice of psychotherapy, a list of upcoming Breema events you may be interested in attending, and a list of resources that we have found complementary in our search for how to care for ourselves while being available to care for the ones we serve. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us…

Angela Porter MFT CATC

“When I am present, my clients benefit. What I bring to the session more than anything else is myself, my level of being, how I am. I bring what I embody, in this moment. And when I bring an actual, tangible atmosphere of self-acceptance, regardless of what appears in the room, or inside my own thoughts and feelings, then without saying a word, my clients receive that. I benefit, because I don’t have to figure out how I need to be or how they are, or pretend to know something I don’t—none of that. The process of therapy becomes an exchange of aliveness where through the emphasis on being present my clients increasingly become the true compass for their own journey.”–Angela

Matthew Tousignant MFT

“In the session, I represent acceptance for my clients. I work with being present so I can model that for them. Because of my study and practice of Breema, I may have developed that more, but my goal is to help them find that in themselves.”–Matthew

Ariadne Thompson MFT

“Therapy is an opportunity to shift old maladaptive patterns, and engage with new ways of thinking, feeling, and being. Breema supports us by connecting body and mind so we can begin to let go of mechanical reactivity and connect with that which is inherently whole and alive within us.”–Ariadne


Being Right Now Everywhere Every Moment Myself Actually
Breema, a dynamic contemplative movement practice, potentiates body-mind connection as a catalyst for self-care and transformation in relationship. Its commonsense wisdom guides us to support the body’s instinctive healing energy, nurturing what is vital instead of focusing on symptoms of illness or imbalance.

Breema uses nurturing touch, tension-relieving stretches, and natural movements based on nine universal Principles of Harmony to foster physical, mental, and emotional balance and availability. Issues including fatigue, stress, self-criticism and burnout are mitigated, while empathy, acceptance, nonjudgment, and an atmosphere of aliveness are nurtured.

Here are a few resources for further inquiry to the benefits of Breema:

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Experience Breema at a Breema Intensive!

Bühl Intensive in Germany
May 28–June 1, 2019
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Breema Intensive at the Breema Center in Oakland, CA
July 13–19, 2019
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Graz Intensive in Austria
August 27–31, 2019
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Breema Intensive at the Breema Center in Oakland, CA
October 19–26, 2019
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Barcelona Intensive in Spain
November 1–5, 2019
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