New Environment—Same Atmosphere by Luna Lacey

Seven weeks ago, as my co-workers were moving their office equipment into their homes and getting setup to work from home, I found myself on the internet researching how to use online meeting technology. Little did I know that a few weeks later, our office would stand empty and all of our in-person classes would be canceled for the near future. A few of us took to the computer screens and began practicing how to use this new online meeting application called Zoom.

After twenty years of participating in and teaching Breema and Self-Breema classes, the initial experience of doing Breema online was unusual. Continue reading “New Environment—Same Atmosphere by Luna Lacey”

Acceptance is the beginning of understanding.

What happens when you accept someone? When you accept someone, you create an atmosphere in them of well-wishing towards you. You have well-wishing for whoever accepts you. Acceptance is the beginning of understanding. When someone is accepted, they don’t hold so much extra around themself. They are simpler. You have more of a chance to relate to them as they really are.

–from Real Health Means Harmony with Existence by Jon Schreiber

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