The Whole of Existence Is in Constant Motion by Karen Burt-Imira

An interview by Arlie Mischeaux, Breema Center Staff

I have always had a deep relationship with Self-Breema. I learned some in the 1980s, and though I knew nothing about the philosophy, I found them very nourishing and calming. Many of the Self-Breema exercises I do are like old friends. After having done so much Self-Breema this year (typically, my practice includes 5-10 exercises in a row, done once or twice a day—in addition to attending many of the online classes each week), I also found that I’ve become much more receptive to my own touch! I experience both giving and receiving the bodywork to and from myself simultaneously. This is really a new level of receptivity for me! And it nourishes my desire to give to myself. Practicing Self-Breema has become like food—necessary nourishment for every single day. Continue reading “The Whole of Existence Is in Constant Motion by Karen Burt-Imira”

When mind, feelings, and body work together…

There are two keys to working with Breema. The first is to move from complication towards simplicity. When you’re confused, it means you’ve made something complicated. So simplify. When there are too many things that need to be done, you don’t know what to do, and you don’t have the energy to do any of those things, because the situation looks complicated. But say, for example, when your sink is filled with dishes, you decide to wash one plate. You’ve moved towards simplicity. You shift from potential energy to kinetic energy, and your resistance disappears. The other key is to move from diversity towards unity. You are confused because you’re only thinking. You need to think and feel and relate to your sensory impressions simultaneously. When mind, feelings, and body work together, you are moving from diversity towards unity. When you become unified within yourself, you become unified with the entire Existence.

—from The Taste of Being Present by Jon Schreiber

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