The natural rhythm of your body…

In Breema, you function with the natural rhythm of your body. Your mind supports you in that, and your feelings are present and supportive, too. The unification of your mind, feelings, and body saves your energy from being drained. You use your energy, but without becoming fatigued. When you work with only one part of yourself, the energy that’s used is lost. When your mind, feelings, and body work together, a “return circuit” is created, and the energy you use flows back to you “with interest.” That is vitality.

–from Real Health Means Harmony with Existence by Jon Schreiber

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How Breema Changed My Life by Ana Wilkinson

Woodbridge’s Ana Wilkinson opens her heart about the amazing therapeutic treatment known as Breema.

“I first discovered Breema many years ago in California at a time when my life was very open and flowing, but not very balanced or grounded! For me, what stood out most about this practice making it so helpful is firstly, what an incredibly gentle and nourishing teaching it is – really nurturing kindness to and acceptance of oneself.   Continue reading “How Breema Changed My Life by Ana Wilkinson”