The Whole of Existence Is in Constant Motion by Karen Burt-Imira

An interview by Arlie Mischeaux, Breema Center Staff

I have always had a deep relationship with Self-Breema. I learned some in the 1980s, and though I knew nothing about the philosophy, I found them very nourishing and calming. Many of the Self-Breema exercises I do are like old friends. After having done so much Self-Breema this year (typically, my practice includes 5-10 exercises in a row, done once or twice a day—in addition to attending many of the online classes each week), I also found that I’ve become much more receptive to my own touch! I experience both giving and receiving the bodywork to and from myself simultaneously. This is really a new level of receptivity for me! And it nourishes my desire to give to myself. Practicing Self-Breema has become like food—necessary nourishment for every single day.

This shift began when I cut back on my working hours and finally retired. I gradually found much more time available, and my desire to study and practice Breema increased. But this desire really deepened when, over the course of this past year, I was faced with an intense series of life challenges. And then, at the beginning of this year, several potentially life threatening issues and events came up. I felt an urgency to prepare for death, and to be able to be centered, grounded, and calm even with the catastrophic conditions arising in the world.

I especially like to practice several Self-Breema in a row. I often recite the names of the exercises to myself, or at times instruct myself, saying out loud whatever is alive for me about the Principles. Many of the Principles have deepened for me—it seems that more tastes of their meaning are given to me. For example, one day I realized that the body, like the whole of Existence, is in constant motion. It is only the illusion of separation that causes me to think movement stops. I saw that every cell really is actually in motion whenever my body has any sort of movement. When I raise my arm upward, or take a step, or place my hand on my body, everything everywhere is in motion with it! Full Participation and Single Moment/Single Activity came alive in a new way for me. And there was a sense of “Existence moving,” rather than a limiting identification with “my” movement.

The online classes inspire me to learn and then practice new Self-Breema. I feel supported through the things that both the instructors and the participants share. I am stimulated to ponder more and to deepen my experiences. The online classes also give me a sense of essential connection with Breema students everywhere. They’re an opportunity to immerse myself in an atmosphere that helps me have an experience of myself. They relax and rejuvenate me. And the online format is actually easier for me these days than in person. I appreciate not having to leave the house, drive, and park. I simply walk into my living room and soon find myself more connected to myself, to all the other students practicing at the same time, and to Breema itself!

Karen Burt-Imira, MD, has been a student, teacher, patient, practitioner, and administrator of Integrative Medicine programs for over 40 years. In 1998 she founded the Integrative Health Program in a county healthcare organization, and developed multiple services including a large Group Medical Visits program. She first encountered Breema in 1985, and became a Certified Breema Instructor in 2001. Breema’s universal principles and revitalizing, balancing bodywork and exercises have been foundational in her life and work.

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Karen Burt-Imira, MD