Unify yourself and support life.

Why do you do Breema? To unify yourself and support life. With our eyes, we see form, texture, and color. We are totally identified with the obvious. We don’t see the flow of the life force. But when you do Breema, you may experience it and so may the recipient. We need to see that we are not just “Mr. Head.” We need to know we have a body. Body-mind connection is not just a phrase. It’s a magnificent way of life. “Whole body/whole mind” is a direction for life. When you have Breema in your body, then when you move your hand, something takes place, because your whole body and whole mind are participating. When you sit, you are sitting. When you walk, you are walking. You have Being-participation.
—from Waking Up to This Moment by Jon Schreiber

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